Wheel Tyre Inflator Repair Spare Space Saver (SW2) x2


ALL IN ONE ROADSIDE Wheel Tyre Inflator Repair SERVICE KIT. Universal fit. Ideal emergency kit to store away neatly in your boot.

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ALL IN ONE ROADSIDE Wheel Tyre Inflator Repair SERVICE KIT. Universal fit. Ideal emergency kit to store away neatly in your boot. Don’t get caught out with a missing or flat spare. No need to remove wheel from vehicle.

Provides you with an instant tyre repair without the need to even remove the wheel. It works deep inside the tyre to form a special sealing film which ensures an effective repair.

Formulated and tested for use in all pneumatic tyres

Deigned for cars, motorbikes and trailers. The foam seals the puncture and inflates the flat tyre. You can drive immediately after filling the tyre. Check the tyre pressure as soon as possible at a service station. Deflate the tyre and then inflate to correct pressure. Will not damage your tyre or wheel if applied correctly. It will not affect tyre tracking or alignment.

It is advised that the tyre is professionally repaired or replaced when possible. Tyre sensor safe. Clean any residue off the tyre sensor. Usable on tyres with an inner tube.

All-in-one Tyre Puncture Repair, Sealant & Inflator

Firstly designed to fill and seal most punctures and slow leaks. This is 450ml can of tyre sealant, ideal for use with all pneumatic tyres. Suitable for most cars, caravans, trailers, small vans, motorhomes and motorcycles. Secondly no jack, tools or wheel change required. Does not further damage the tyre.  Thirdly the unique safety valve automatically seals and re-inflates in one application keeping you away from dangerous traffic. And most importantly suitable for tubeless tyres only.

Directions for use

  1. If possible remove the object causing the puncture.
  2. For best results try and position the puncture at the base of the wheel and deflate completely.
  3. Shake the can well and screw the connector tightly onto the tyre valve.(in cold weather warm the puncture repair can in your hands or over the car heater vent).
  4. Hold the puncture repair can upright and press the button.
  5. Allow puncture repair can contents to empty completely, then unscrew the connector and retain the can for later safe disposal.
  6. Drive immediately for 6-12 miles at a maximum speed of 30mph to fully seal the puncture or go to the nearest tyre repair centre, if this journey is more than 12 miles, periodically check the tyre.

Wheel Tyre Inflator Repair Key Features:

  • Tyre sensor safe
  • Not water based which means it does not effect tracking
  • Latex product that creates membrane inside tyre
  • Works on all vehicle tyres including 4×4’s
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