ABS Wheel Nut Covers with removal tool


Available in Blue Chrome, Mid Blue, Black, Chrome, Gold Chrome, Grey, Red Chrome, Mid Red, Purple, Yellow. Supplied in Pack of 20.

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Brand New Wheel Nut Covers

ABS Wheel Nut Covers, enhance the look of your wheels with these eye catching wheel nut covers. Universal Fit Wheel Nut Covers will fit all – up to current year models and model variants. Available in Blue Chrome, Mid Blue, Black, Chrome, Gold Chrome, Grey, Red Chrome, Mid Red, Purple, Yellow. Supplied in Pack of 20.

ABS Wheel Nut Covers Features

  • Enhances the look of your wheels
  • Supplied in pack of 20
  • Easily installed, simply clip over existing wheel nuts
  • Supplied with a removal tool
  • Manufactured in hi-impact ABS
  • Available in Blue Chrome, Mid Blue, Black, Chrome, Gold Chrome, Grey, Red Chrome, Mid Red, Purple, Yellow.

Further Information

We offer a huge range of wheel nut covers  for all makes and models of vehicles fitted with either original or aftermarket alloy wheels. All the popular sizes are covered with 17mm, 19mm and 21mm available which will cover most vehicles.

Made from a high quality plastic our sets not only durable but only great looking covers, available in multiple colour options. All sets come with a handy removal tool to easily remove the covers when required.

Car wheel nuts expose to outside all year round, corroded by rain and snow, that are extremely easy to rust and oxidation, these covers will instantly  improve the look and protect wheel nuts/bolts, at the same time give that new showroom look.

Available in 17mm, 19mm and 21mm nut sizes. Easily installed, simply clip over existing wheel nuts. Supplied with a removal tool. Not suitable for locking nuts or domed nuts.


These are not a metal product manufactured from hi-impact ABS

Weight0.5 kg

Blue Chrome, Mid Blue, Black, Chrome, Gold Chrome, Grey, Red Chrome, Mid Red, Purple, Yellow


ALFA ROMEO 145 19mm, ALFA ROMEO 146 19mm, ALFA ROMEO 147 17mm, ALFA ROMEO 155 17mm, ALFA ROMEO 155 19mm, ALFA ROMEO 156 17mm, ALFA ROMEO 156 19mm, ALFA ROMEO 159 17mm, ALFA ROMEO 1600 17mm, ALFA ROMEO 1600 19mm, ALFA ROMEO 164 19mm, ALFA ROMEO 166 17mm, ALFA ROMEO 90 17mm, ALFA ROMEO 90 19mm, ALFA ROMEO 33 19mm, ALFA ROMEO 4C 17mm, ALFA ROMEO Alfa 6 17mm, ALFA ROMEO Alfa 6 19mm, ALFA ROMEO Alfa 75 17mm, ALFA ROMEO Alfa 75 19mm, ALFA ROMEO Alfasud 19mm, ALFA ROMEO Alfetta 17mm, ALFA ROMEO Alfetta 19mm, ALFA ROMEO Arna 19mm, ALFA ROMEO Berlina S 17mm, ALFA ROMEO Berlina S 19mm, ALFA ROMEO Brera 17mm, ALFA ROMEO Cross Wagon 17mm, ALFA ROMEO Giulia 17mm, ALFA ROMEO Giulia 19mm, ALFA ROMEO Giulietta 17mm, ALFA ROMEO GT 17mm, ALFA ROMEO GT 19mm, ALFA ROMEO GTV 6 17mm, ALFA ROMEO GTV 6 19mm, ALFA ROMEO Mito 17mm, ALFA ROMEO Spider 17mm, ALFA ROMEO Spider 19mm, ALFA ROMEO Sport Wagon 17mm, ALFA ROMEO Sprint 19mm, ASTON MARTIN Vanquish 17mm, ASTON MARTIN Vanquish 19mm, AUDI A1 17mm, AUDI A2 17mm, AUDI A3 17mm, AUDI A4 17mm, AUDI A5 17mm, AUDI A6 17mm, AUDI A7 17mm, AUDI A8 17mm, AUDI Q3 17mm, AUDI Q5 17mm, AUDI Q7 19mm, AUDI R8 17mm, AUDI RS3 17mm, AUDI RS4 17mm, AUDI RS5 17mm, AUDI RS6 17mm, AUDI S6 17mm, AUDI SQ5 17mm, AUDI TT 17mm, AUSTIN Allegro 19mm, AUSTIN MORRIS Ambasador,Princess 19mm, AUSTIN MORRIS Maestro 19mm, AUSTIN MORRIS Maxi 19mm, AUSTIN MORRIS Montego 19mm, BMW 1 series 17mm, BMW 2 series 17mm, BMW 3 series 17mm, BMW 4 series 17mm, BMW 5 series 17mm, BMW 6 series 17mm, BMW 7 series 17mm, BMW 8 series 17mm, BMW i3 17mm, BMW i8 17mm, BMW X1 17mm, BMW X3 17mm, BMW X4 17mm, BMW X5 17mm, BMW X6 17mm, BMW Z1 17mm, BMW Z3 17mm, BMW Z4 17mm, BMW Z8 17mm, CADILLAC ATS 19mm, CADILLAC ATS 21mm, CADILLAC CTS 21mm, CADILLAC CTS 22mm, CADILLAC Escalade 21mm, CADILLAC Escalade 22mm, CADILLAC Seville 17mm, CADILLAC Seville 19mm, CADILLAC SRX 21mm, CADILLAC SRX 22mm, CADILLAC STS 17mm, CADILLAC STS 19mm, CADILLAC XLR 17mm, CADILLAC XLR 19mm, CHEVROLOET Aveo 19mm, CHEVROLOET Aveo 21mm, CHEVROLOET Blazer S 19mm, CHEVROLOET Blazer S 21mm, CHEVROLOET Camaro 19mm, CHEVROLOET Camaro 21mm, CHEVROLOET Captiva 19mm, CHEVROLOET Captiva 21mm, CHEVROLOET Corvette 19mm, CHEVROLOET Corvette 21mm, CHEVROLOET Cruze 19mm, CHEVROLOET Cruze 21mm, CHEVROLOET Epica 19mm, CHEVROLOET Epica 21mm, CHEVROLOET Evada 19mm, CHEVROLOET Evada 21mm, CHEVROLOET Kalos 19mm, CHEVROLOET Kalos 21mm, CHEVROLOET Lacetti 19mm, CHEVROLOET Lacetti 21mm, CHEVROLOET Lanos 17mm, CHEVROLOET Malibu 21mm, CHEVROLOET Malibu 22mm, CHEVROLOET Matiz 19mm, CHEVROLOET Matiz 21mm, CHEVROLOET Nubira 19mm, CHEVROLOET Nubira 21mm, CHEVROLOET Orlando 19mm, CHEVROLOET Orlando 21mm, CHEVROLOET Rezzo 19mm, CHEVROLOET Rezzo 21mm, CHEVROLOET Spark 19mm, CHEVROLOET Spark 21mm, CHEVROLOET Tacuma 17mm, CHEVROLOET Tacuma 19mm, CHEVROLOET Trax 19mm, CHEVROLOET Trax 21mm, CHEVROLOET Volt 17mm, CHEVROLOET Volt 19mm, CHRYSLER 200 19mm, CHRYSLER 200 21mm, CHRYSLER 300c 21mm, CHRYSLER 300c 22mm, CHRYSLER 300m 19mm, CHRYSLER 300m 21mm, CHRYSLER Crossfire 17mm, CHRYSLER Delta 19mm, CHRYSLER Grand Voyager 19mm, CHRYSLER Grand Voyager 21mm, CHRYSLER Neon 19mm, CHRYSLER Neon 21mm, CHRYSLER New Yorker 19mm, CHRYSLER New Yorker 21mm, CHRYSLER PT Cruiser 19mm, CHRYSLER PT Cruiser 21mm, CHRYSLER Sebring 19mm, CHRYSLER Sebring 21mm, CHRYSLER Viper 17mm, CHRYSLER Viper 19mm, CHRYSLER Voyager 17mm, CHRYSLER Voyager 19mm, CHRYSLER Wrangler 19mm, CHRYSLER Wrangler 21mm, CHRYSLER Ypsilon 17mm, CHRYSLER Ypsilon 19mm, CITROEN AX 17mm, CITROEN AX 19mm, CITROEN Axel 17mm, CITROEN Axel 19mm, CITROEN Berlingo 17mm, CITROEN Berlingo 19mm


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