[149] Stoplock Thatcham PRO MAX Steering Wheel Lock


The Stoplock Pro Max Steering Wheel Lock provides a clear visual deterrent against theft.

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Above all, the Stoplock Pro Max Steering Wheel Lock provides a clear visual deterrent against theft.  Basically a high visibility deterrent which is suitable for the majority of vehicles on the road today.  Additionally The Stoplock Pro Max possesses a deeper bend in its structure. Also with larger forks to wrap around the steering wheel giving it greater size and tolerance.

Consequently this steering lock, fully attack tested and received approval from Thatcham. Above all trusted advisers to the motor insurance industry. The Stoplock Pro Max with a Category 3 Rating Approval also includes a unique key code which provides increased security. Altogether it fits in seconds and snaps shut with the keys 10,000 key combinations.

Stoplock Pro Elite Wheel Lock Exceptional endurance

Additionally the Car steering wheel lock designed to fulfil two jobs, and the Stoplock Pro Max is no different. Certainly finished in bright yellow. The lock is highly visible from outside the vehicle equally important acting as a deterrent to potential car thieves.

The lock also manufactured from extremely durable materials. Thus making it difficult to remove or loosen even with the aid of power tools. Basically this is why car security experts Thatcham have given the Stoplock Pro Max Steering Wheel Lock a category 3 rating. The Stoplock Pro Max really built to last, and this backed by a lifetime product guarantee from Stoplock.

As a result with over 30 years of experience. Consequently Stoplock is one of the UK’s leading car security brands. Chiefly offering a range of high-quality, high-performance steering wheel locks. Accordingly designed to offer maximum security with minimum fuss.

Basically the Lock is Easy to use

Altogether thanks to its compact build, drivers can easily fit, remove and store the Steering wheel lock. The single bar design restricts movement of the steering wheel and also prevents airbag removal. Chiefly the Stoplock Pro Max locked and unlocked with a small key (spare key provided).

Key Features

  • Provides a clear visual deterrent against theft
  • Fully attack tested
  • Thatcham category 3 rating approval
  • Unique keycode with 10,000 key combinations provides increased security
  • Fits in seconds
  • Snaps shut without key


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