Official SHELBY Ceramic Wax Coating Enhancement FULL Kit AUTO EXPRESS BEST BUY


Shelby Kit consists of: -Ceramic Coating, Ceramic Shampoo, Ceramic Detailer, Two  Microfibre cloths.


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‘SHELBY’ Ceramic Wax Coating Kit (AUTO EXPRESS BEST BUY 2021)¬†

Kits consists of: –

1. ‘Shelby’ Ceramic Coating 100ml
For a long term high gloss Diamond like shine, use the Shelby Ceramic Coating.
This bottle contains enough product for 4 medium sized cars or 2 large SUV vehicles. Use with provided ceramic coating applicator.

2. ‘Shelby’ Ceramic Shampoo 500ml
Fantastic shampoo perfect for cleaning any hard surface using new and unique ceramic technology.
Ideal as prewash before applying your Shelby Ceramic Coating. And ideal as a maintenance product to enhance the lifespan of your treated vehicle. Perfect for use on treated and non treated vehicles.

3. ‘Shelby’ Ceramic Detailer 500ml
Supplied with trigger and when used after every wash, will prolong the entire life of the coating meaning your Ceramic Coating will remain in top condition for the entire life of the car. Can be used on untreated vehicles as a quick detailing product.

4. Two  Microfibre cloths
Complete kit. Use applicator pad like a fine sponge / microfibre pad to apply the coating and then use a clean dry microfibre to buff off after curing (normally takes between 15 and 20 mins depending on available sunlight or air conditions, temperature). Microfibres can then be used with the detailing spray to maintain that high gloss hydrophobic finish.

Perfect for that Showroom look, with a diamond like hardness and high end glossy finish, the hydrophobic qualities are immense.
Using all the products as your cleaning regime will enhance the look and maximise the protection for your vehicle.

Key Features

  • Ceramic Coating Long term high gloss Diamond like shine
  • Ceramic Shampoo for perfect cleaning any hard surface
  • Ceramic Detailer prolongs entire life of the coating
  • Free Microfibre Pads with handle for application worth ¬£8.99
  • Microfibre cloths for buff off after curing and detailing spray
  • Perfect for that Showroom look
  • Diamond like hardness
  • High End glossy finish with immense hydrophobic qualities
  • Maximises protection for your vehicle
  • AUTO EXPRESS best buy 2021
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