Locking Fuel Cap fits JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE (2001-2012) O/E Specification (101C)




Suits Petrol and Diesel models.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE (2001-2012) O/E Specification (101C)

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This Locking Fuel Cap (101C) suits Petrol and Diesel models and is suitable for vented and non-vented applications. Supplied with 2 keys. Manufactured to the EEC 70/221. Passes safety standard required for MOT tests. Above all it is produced to OE quality. In other words the fuel cap is made of durable construction wear-resistant ABS thermoplastic compound and High-Quality Sealing Rubber. Therefore this cap provides a tight seal to keep your vehicle’s fuel tank closed. Allowing safety of your vehicle’s occupants. Will not just give better fuel economy but also reducing vapor emissions. In addition the fuel cap is easy to fit and prevents spills and leaks of fuel.

Above all an old, loose fuel cap, cracked or otherwise faulty fuel cap may causes your check engine light CEL turns on.  In conclusion designed and manufactured according to OEM and will perfectly replace your damaged fuel filler cap.

Please note Locking Fuel Cap

This locking fuel cap is designed to fit the factory default specification of the JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE (2001-2012)

Key Features 

  • Suits all variants
  • Suitable for vented and non-vented applications
  • Easy to fit
  • Prevents spills and leaks
  • Durable construction of a wear-resistant thermoplastic compound
  • Passes safety standard required for MOT tests
  • Provides a tight seal
  • Reduces vapor emissions
  • Manufactured to the EEC 70/221
  • Supplied with 2 keys
  • Suits Petrol and Diesel models


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