Hose Pipe Repair Tape Fix Heater Radiator

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The Product

Connect Black Silicone Fuse Tape Ideal solution to replacing a damaged or leaking water hose pipe fix on heater radiator. Self bonding water tight repair.

Key Features

  • Withstands -60F to +500F
  • Supplied length: 3 metres x  25mm wide
  • 0.5mm thick
  • Insulates up to 8000 volts

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Connect Silicon Tape

Hose Pipe Repair Tape is the ideal solution to replacing a damaged or leaking water/air hose or pipe. Black Silicone Self Fusion Self bonding silicone rubber tape for water and air tight repairs. Supplied length : 25mm wide x 3m long.

Manufactured from high performance silicon rubber. Its self adhering properties makes this tape simple to apply. Instant repair Fix, curing into a solid rubber insulation within 24 hours. The result is a permanent inseparable barrier which withstands temperatures up to 260C and pressures up to 700psi, insulates up to 8000 volts.

Connect Workshop Consumables provide a complete and comprehensive range of workshop consumables for tradesmen and technician.

Hose Pipe Repair Tape Key Features

  • Black Silicone Self Fusing Tape.
  • Insulates up to 8000 volts when layer is unstretched & seals wet or dry leaks.
  • Functions between -60ºF to +500ºF
  • 25mm x 3 metre Roll.
  • 0.5mm thick.

Additional Information

Leaky radiator hose, exhaust cracked, or need to bundle some of those electrics back together? For a quick and easy temporary solution this silicone tape will do the job. This silicone fuse tape from Connect can be used for temporary repairs on radiator hoses, exhausts, plumbing & electrical, marine, camping, around the workshop and much, much more. This tape reel is the perfect adhesive solution for a quick fix and repairing an item in a hurry.
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1 review for Hose Pipe Repair Tape Fix Heater Radiator

  1. roberto piacentini

    Easy to apply and really resolves that problem of replacement hoses. Instant with a strong bond.

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