CLASSIC CHERRY BOTTLE Fragrances Designer Oil Air Freshener (DF4B) x2


CLASSIC CHERRY BOTTLE hanging bottle designer fragrances the scent profile is a bold fruity and intense cherry fragrance air freshener.


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CLASSIC CHERRY Designer Fragrances BOTTLE Oil Air Freshener (DF4B)x2

Above all, this is a hanging bottle of Classic Cherry designer fragrance. Basically a scent which is bold fruity and intense cherry fragrance. Importantly made from natural oils and inspired by a designer fragrance.

CLASSIC CHERRY BOTTLE Fragrances High Quality Air Freshener

Additionally this is a high quality air fresheners with individual and unique custom fragrances which deliver an exceptional and long lasting scent. Firstly these designer Fragrances air fresheners will keep your car smelling fresh for up to 30 days. Secondly it can also be used in areas around the home or office. Hang anywhere for a long-lasting fragrance.

About Designer Fragrances

Scented car diffusers from Designer Fragrances invigorate your drive and allow you to travel in luxury with a range of delightful scents. Choose your signature fragrance or change them around to suit your mood. A lot of time and patience goes into Designer Fragrance products, with the fragrance being number 1 priority! Fragrances are sourced from the best fragrance houses in the world, which enables Designer Fragrance to have such great smelling fragrances.

Directions For Use

1. Unscrew the top of the diffuser and remove the plastic plug then screw the top back on and secure.
2. Turn your Designer Fragrances diffuser upside down for 3 seconds to completely saturate the wooden cap.
4. Turn the bottle upright and hang freely.
5. When the scent from the diffuser begins to fade, give the bottle a shake and turn upside down for up to three seconds then rehang.

Key Features

  • Bold fruity and intense cherry fragrance
  • Made from natural oils
  • Supplied in individual hanging packs

Available fragrances : Black Code, Classic Cherry, Royal Oud Leather, Savore, Ventus, Fleur.

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