Extremely High Temperature Brake Caliper Engine Paint Spray Aerosol 400ml


VHT Brake caliper spray is a quality, long lasting, very high temperature paint formulated for brake calipers and brake drums.
It is a spray on application so is simple to apply, quick drying and provides a hard, chip resistant, long lasting finish which retains its colour due to the high pigment content.
Sufficient for up to 4 calipers.

Attention overseas customers including UK islands and Ireland Do Not Order. Please note due to the liquid nature of this product we are unable to ship this out with the UK mainland.

Extremely High Temperature Brake Caliper Engine Paint Spray Aerosol  

The E-TECH XHT paint formula developed using the latest advances in paint technology. Above all designed for surfaces  exposed to extremely high temperatures, this paint will coat, protect and enhance wherever it is applied. Suitable for applications such as: Automotive, Domestic, Industrial, Marine, Motorsport.

In addition available in Black, Blue, Graphite, Red, Silver,White and Clear Laquer


  • Contains 400ml Extremely High Temperature Brake Caliper Engine Paint Spray Aerosol. Colours Available: Black, Blue, Graphite, Red, Silver, White and Clear Laquer.
  • Rated to a heat temperature of approx. Clear laquer capable of withstanding 800°C of continuous heat and 900°C of intermittent heat.
  • Rated to a heat temperature of approx. Colours capable of withstanding 650°C (1200°F) except for Red XHT paint which is rated to 300°C (575°F) as above this temperature red colour may fade.
  • Long term performance of this paint on aluminium and stainless steel surfaces cannot be guaranteed. Not suitable for brass and other non-ferrous metals.
  • Formulated for Engine, Brake Calipers and Brake Drums
  • Enamel Spray Aerosol Paint
  • Easy to apply quick drying
  • Provides a hard, chip resistant, long lasting finish
  • No need to dismantle any car parts
  • Sufficient for four brake calipers
  • Heat resistant up to very high temperature 800°C

Brake Caliper Engine Paint instructions

  • For best results ensure the can and the part you are painting is at room temperature before use (approx 17°C to 21°C).
  • In addition for best results spray in a warm dry and dust free area.
  • Shake the can vigorously for a minimum of 2 minutes.
  • Hold can 25-30cm from the surface and spray using a smooth side to side motion


  • Apply several thin coats allowing at least 5-10 minutes between each coat. (Do NOT apply thick coats as this will prevent the paint from curing and may lead to the paint cracking or crazing).
  • Each layer of paint should be touch dry before applying next coat.
  • Shake can between coats.
  • After the final coat has been applied, allow to dry for one hour at room temperature. (DO NOT apply any further coats once dry as this will cause the paint to contract and expand at different rates during the curing process causing crazing)
  • After use turn the can upside down, spray for several seconds to clear the nozzle
Weight0.9 kg

VHT/A Blue, VHT/B Black, VHT/CL Clear Laquer, VHT/G Graphite Grey, VHT/R Red, VHT/S Silver, VHT/W White


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