Brake Caliper Engine Paint Lacquer Kit

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Available in 23 colours: Racing Rosso Red, Speed Yellow, RS-Blue, Midnight Black, Prestige Gold, Power Green, Flame Orange, Pure White, Candy Pink, Carbon Grey Metallic, Vintage Copper Metallic, Stratos Silver Metallic, Ocean Turquoise, Matt Rosso Red, Matt Midnight Black, Toxic Green, Sky Blue, Deep Violet Purple, Elephant Grey, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Red, GT-Blue.

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Foliatec Brake Caliper Engine Paint Lacquer Kit

Brake Caliper Engine Paint, provides all the components you need to enhance your brake calipers, brake drums, engine blocks and valve covers yourself and contains detailed instructions of how to achieve a professional finish that will give your vehicle a dynamic, sporty and unique look. Sufficient to enhance 4 brake calipers. Available in 23 colours with gloss, matt, metallic and neon finish. Please note the colour images shown may vary slightly depending on preparation, application method or when dry.

Produced by the German innovative company Foliatec focused on the development of individual car designs and high quality products for the automotive industry.

Attention overseas customers including UK islands and Ireland Do Not Order. Please note due to the liquid nature of this product we are unable to ship this outwith the UK mainland.

Contains Seven items: *150g Paint , *50g hardener, *400ml Brake Cleaner (subject to location),*1 x wire brush, *1 x stirrer, *1 x pair of gloves.

Brake Caliper Engine Paint KEY FEATURES 

  • Attention Full 7 piece kit to get job done
  • Suitable for brake calipers, brake drums, wheel hubs, engine blocks, valve covers and most metal surfaces
  • It permanently seals and preserves the surface and is caliper dust, chemical, corrosion and oil resistant
  • Long lasting easy clean
  • Easy to apply quick drying providing a stunning, long lasting, high quality lusture finish
  • No need to dismantle any car parts
  • Sufficient for four brake calipers
  • Heat resistant up to 300¬įC
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Racing Rosso Red 2160, Speed Yellow 2161, RS-Blue 2162, Midnight Black 2164, Prestige Gold 2165, Power Green 2166, Flame Orange 2167, Pure White 2168, Candy Pink 2169, Carbon Grey Metallic 2170, Vintage Copper Metallic 2171, Stratos Silver Metallic 2172, Ocean Turquoise 2174, Matt Rosso Red 2175, Matt Midnight Black 2176, Toxic Green 2177, Sky Blue 2178, Deep Violet Purple 2179, Elephant Grey 2181, Neon Green 2182, Neon Orange 2183, Neon Yellow 2184, Neon Red 2185, GT-Blue 2188

1 review for Brake Caliper Engine Paint Lacquer Kit

  1. roberto piacentini

    A stunning paint and kit. I gave mine three coats but two would have been enough. Had plenty left over. Makes the calipers look like new. Does it last? Well we then went to the Stelivo pass in Italy and trust me the brakes get hot on the way 3000m down. The paint still shines and looks as good as the day I put it on.
    Tip: Let it set properly once painted around 24 hours.

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